business lawyer for non-profitTallie Carter Law, P.C. is a firm with an experienced business lawyer for non-profit organizations.  If you are a director or Board member for a non-profit, you know that there are many legal and management challenges that require sound advice from an attorney.  Our firm is prepared to assist you with your ongoing legal needs, and to provide up to date advice on the practical aspects of running your organization.

We rely on our background working with all types of businesses, as well as direct involvement with nonprofit organizations in the area.  You will have legal counsel at your side whenever you are facing any issue that may arise, or when you wish to review and improve your internal structural policies and documentation.

Areas of Practice for Non-Profits

Organizational Governance and Director Duty:  Every nonprofit and religious corporation must adhere to specific governance procedures to maintain their status and corporate integrity.  You must also have clear guidelines on director fiduciary duties and accountability.  Our attorneys can help you review and enhance your governance procedures, as well defining the role of the Board of Directors.  Areas of advice include:

  • Revisions of bylaws and changes in governance
  • Issues of self-dealing or insider transactions
  • Director liability and fiduciary duty
  • Structural changes, mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions

Compliance With State and Federal Regulations:  There are specific laws that regulate non-profit organizations and their operations.  We stay current with all developments and changes in non-profit law and regulations.  It is essential that you remain in compliance with these laws such as:

  • Requirements to maintain tax-exempt status
  • Non-profit governance laws
  • Unrelated business income issues

Many of these issues can affect the tax-exempt status of a non-profit, and we can show you how to maintain your charitable mission while still generating the operating revenue that you need.

Structuring Private Foundations:  If your non-profit or Religious corporation wants to establish a private foundation, we can advise you on the legal steps for an appropriate structure and internal relationship.  We can also help you with other issues such as:

  • Requirements for foundation operating methods
  • Investment policies and expenditures
  • Meeting minimum qualifying distributions
  • Use of endowment funds
  • Donor issues related to stewardship of funds and recognition of donations

Revenue Generation:  Depending on the scope of your organization’s mission, you may encounter challenges with classifying certain types of non-donor revenue, and managing finances for regulatory compliance.  Some of the issues that you may face include:

  • Managing sponsorships, event revenue and valuing services
  • Creating for profit subsidiaries
  • How to engage in certain types of commercial activities
  • Support and management of social enterprises

Without knowledgeable legal representation, these revenue issues can affect your organization’s status and mission in the community.  Our attorneys can give you the guidance that you need to avoid any potential legal pitfalls.

Tallie Carter Law, P.C.:  Experienced Business Lawyer for Non-profit Organizations

Our firm can bring your organization the experience we have gained working with both for profit and non-profit businesses, as well as religious corporations.  While there are distinctions based on mission and use of revenue, a non-profit organization must still manage the structural and legal aspects of their operations for maximum efficiency and compliance.  The consequences of not attending to these important details can result in revocation of tax-exempt status, donor dissatisfaction, director liability and failure to fulfill your mission.

We can either work with you in an ongoing relationship or for one-time legal services.  Most small non-profits cannot afford full time in house counsel, so we can fill that role for your organization without the excessive cost.  Please contact us for a consultation so that we may discuss the needs of your organization.