music lawyerTallie Carter Law, P.C is a skilled music lawyer in New York who is dedicated to serving professionals is the creative arts.  Our clients come from a diverse entertainment field, and if you are in the early stages of your artistic career or starting an entertainment business, we can give you the legal counsel that you need to succeed.  We are also able to consult with established artists who are looking for a new perspective on their legal and contractual arrangements.

Serving A Diverse Client Group in Arts and Entertainment

As a global center for the creative economy, New York has a wide variety of artists and professionals who need experienced legal counsel.

We serve clients such as:

  • Musicians and Songwriters
  • Film, TV and New Media Professionals
  • Dance and Theatre Performers
  • Visual and Fine Artists
  • Writers and Publishers
  • Fashion Designers and Models
  • Makers and Innovators
  • Architects and Design Professionals
  • Media and Advertising Professionals
  • Tech and Gaming
  • Culinary and Healing Arts

Regardless of your field of creative or business endeavor, you will encounter the need for legal advice and representation to ensure that your interests are well protected.  We offer a wide range of legal services that span a number of essential arts and entertainment practice areas.

Areas of Arts and Entertainment Law Practice

Our practice areas cover the legal, intellectual property and business concerns that go along with a career in arts and entertainment.  We offer you services that include:

Negotiating and Drafting Contracts and Agreements:  There are many different types of agreements that you may require as you expand your career or the reach of your artistic works.  Some of these agreements may include:

  • Agency Agreements
  • Publishing Contracts for Authors
  • Music Recording Agreements
  • Publicity Contracts
  • Performance Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Guild Union Agreements
  • Broadcast Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements

Each of these agreements require that you have legal counsel at your side to evaluate offers, negotiate terms and draft an agreement that preserves the value of your work.  As a new artist, you are especially disadvantaged when it comes to negotiating and understanding the agreements offered to you, we can help you protect your interests and advance your career.

Business Formation and Advice for Startups in Arts and Entertainment:  If you are starting a new entertainment, design or high tech business, our firm can assist you with every aspect of your new venture.  There are special considerations for creative-based businesses, and we have the background to advise you on areas such as:

  • The optimal legal structure for your business
  • Drafting partnership or shareholder agreements
  • Negotiating agency relationships
  • Financing and investment arrangements

Just as with any business, you need to make sure that you have all of the legal and contractual aspects handled with utmost care and precision to maximize revenue for you or your clients.  Allow our firm to give you the benefit of our insight and experience in the creative industry, and give you the start that you need to be competitive.

Intellectual Property Protections:  A unique aspect of the arts and entertainment field is the need for comprehensive intellectual property protection against unauthorized use of creative works and productions.  We can assist you with protecting your business value by using methods such as:

  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Licensing, assignments and transfers of copyrights
  • Distribution agreements

Tallie Carter Law, P.C.: Entertainment and Music Lawyer in New York

Please allow us to show you how we can assist you with all aspects of your creative career or business, and act as your ongoing legal counsel.  We understand the entertainment business and can give you the advice, agreements and legal protections that you need in the world of the arts.