New York City intellectual property lawyerTallie Carter Law, P.C. offers clients a New York City intellectual property lawyer for creative artists who want to understand and learn about the need to protect their original works.  As experienced legal counsel in the arts and entertainment industry, our firm knows the importance of the business side of the creative arts.  There are many aspects of intellectual property law that may apply to your work, and we can advise you on the best approach to ensure that your original creative works are not used without permission or compensation.

Even if you have a registered copyright, there is the need to have clear licensing or distribution agreements that honor your ownership rights.  We are able to handle all aspects of registration, protection, licensing and any instances of infringement.

Representing the Artistic and Creative Community

We represent creative professionals of all types, including:

  • Visual artists
  • Authors
  • Performing artists
  • Multi-media professionals
  • Filmmakers
  • Musicians and songwriters
  • Fashion Designers
  • Models
  • Makers and Innovators

Areas of Intellectual Property Practice

Copyright Registration and Protection: If you have an original creative work it is essential to have copyright protections in order to maintain ownership rights.  Once you create the work, you do have some automatic copyright, but you need to take it one step further.  We have the experience to register your works with the US Copyright Office, which will give you remedies in the event that another party uses your works without permission.

Once a copyright has been established, you will have the right to exercise the following actions:

  • Reproduction of your works, such as copies of a book or song
  • Derivative works, including translations and adaptations
  • Distribution agreements
  • Public performances or display
  • Digital transmissions

Trademark Search and Registration, Right to Publicity:  Trademark registration may be necessary for certain types of creative art, logos or brands, including the ‘right to publicity’ to control the use of your name.  Our firm understands the scope of these laws designed to protect the use of your name and image when you are a public personality, and can advise you on methods of preventing unauthorized use.

Agreements and Contracts for Assignment, Licensing and Limited Use:  In some cases, you may wish to create licensing agreements that allow for limited use of your creative works for compensation.  Our firm can draft agreements that allow for limited reproduction, distribution agreements, royalties, adaptation or other use of your original works.  We can also handle any outright assignment of your work that curtails your copyrights, and where that may be advisable.

Due to the prevalence of digital copying and transmission of creative works, it is essential to have licensing agreements that specify the exact type of use permitted, as well as remedies in the case the agreement is breached.

Tallie Carter Law, P.C.: New York City Intellectual Property Lawyer

As ‘legal counsel for creatives’, our firm understands the arts and entertainment industry and how to give you the representation that you need to protect the financial value of your original works.  While some artists prefer not to think about the business and legal aspects of their work, the modern digital age presents more risks than ever of dilution of value through unauthorized use or distribution of creative work products.
When you engage our firm, you will have an ongoing ally to ensure that your work, name and image are protected from infringement and unpermitted use, and we can pursue remedies on your behalf in case of unauthorized use.  Please contact us for a consultation so that we may advise you on the various options to protect your intellectual property rights at both the state and national level.