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Tallie Carter Law, P.C. offers individual and business clients skilled real estate lawyers for every aspect of real property law and transactions.  Although you may be experienced in real estate, having informed legal representation can be a distinct advantage for any type of client.  We understand the laws and real estate market, and will work at your side to bring your deal to a successful completion.

Even the most basic purchase or sale of a residence can carry significant legal and financial obligations, and our firm is able to give you the counsel that you need to finalize the transaction.  Developers, landlords and investors have a distinct need for a real estate attorney at various stages of negotiation, contract review and financing.  Regardless of your real estate needs, we are prepared to assist you at every stage.

Areas of Real Estate Practice

Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate:  Whether you are a first time homebuyer or have completed many residential sales, our firm can advise you on the essential parts of every purchase and sale agreement.  Although real estate agents may tell you that a lawyer is not necessary, there are some very real legal issues involved that could affect the outcome.  Some of the areas that we assist you with include:

  • Drafting of the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Review of Financing Documents
  • Title Clearing Issues
  • Preparation of Closing Documents

Purchase of a residence is a major financial decision, and should not be entered into without the oversight of an experienced real estate lawyer.

Land, Community and Commercial Development:  Development of land for commercial or residential property is a multi-faceted business that requires astute legal counsel to protect your business interests.  There are various parties to every development project, and each will have different interests.  With our legal counsel, you will have the peace of mind that your business and investment are always a priority.

In regards to Community Development, we counsel our clients from the earliest stages of planning and site acquisition through regulatory approvals and construction.  If you are involved in a development project it is important to have ongoing legal representation for issues such as:

  • Review of Developer’s Plans
  • Drafting Developer Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Land Use
  • Real Estate Financing

Residential and Commercial Leasing:  As a landlord of residential or commercial property, you have unique concerns about your business and property.  Leasing of real estate carries specific legal and financial risks, including managing tenants and use of property. As your legal counsel, we can advise you on matters that include:

  • Drafting Lease Agreements
  • Security Deposits and Protection of Property Value
  • Tenants Rights
  • Breach of Lease and Evictions

Land Use and Environmental Matters:  One of the more problematic areas of real estate law is the land use and environmental regulations that pertain to all types of real estate.  Whether you are a developer, investor or buyer, these regulations can affect the value and use of your property, as well as marketability.  We can advise you on the laws that may affect your investment or property and how to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

Tallie Carter Law, P.C.: Skilled Real Estate Lawyers

Our firm serves real estate clients all throughout New York, and we understand both the legal and financial elements involved.  Real estate is a complex business, often with a significant investment involved.  If you are entering a transaction, or encountering delays or contract issues, please contact us so that we can review the transaction and help you bring it to conclusion.