Practice areas

general counsel to start upsTallie Carter Law, P.C. is a multifaceted firm that can offer clients in the arts and entertainment industry a startup business attorney to handle all of your legal needs.  We are also available to give legal counsel to nonprofits, real estate investors and individuals for estate planning.  Our approach is to be accessible to you and provide an ongoing resource as your business and career develop and grow.

Arts and Entertainment Law

Our practice covers the legal and business concerns of clients with a career in the arts and entertainment industry.  We can negotiate and draft the essential agreements that will ensure that the value of your artistic work is fairly compensated, and that you have the opportunity to expand your career.

Intellectual Property

All types of creative artists and innovators must have copyright or trademark protections in place to maintain the ownership rights and use of their works.  We are prepared to secure registration and legal protection of your original works, as well as draft licensing or distribution agreements.

Non-profit LAw

We use our background in both corporate and non-profit governance to advise non-profits on the complexities of operating their organization.  Our firm can advise you on director fiduciary duties, governance and statutory compliance to maintain your tax-exempt status.

Business LAW

We find solutions legal and business challenges that arise in the life of a private company – from entity formation and raising capital, through growth and day-to-day commercial and operational issues, to negotiating and closing complex transactions and transferring wealth across generations.

Real Estate Law

If you are involved in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, you can rely on our firm to help you structure the contract and financing arrangements that best suit your situation.  We also work with developers, investors and landlords in achieving their business objectives.

Tallie Carter Law, P.C.:  General Counsel for Startups

If you have a new business, an artistic profession or manage a non-profit organization, our firm can give you the skilled legal counsel that you can rely on.  Please contact us for a consultation so that we may begin to give you quality representation today.